Including suburbs in the neighboring townships, 37,695 live in the Carlisle urban cluster. laid the plan for the settlement of Carlisle in 1751.

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While in Carlisle, the president worshiped in the First Presbyterian Church at the corner of Hanover Street and High Street.

Benjamin Rush, a signer of the Declaration of Independence, developed Carlisle Grammar School in 1773 and chartered it as Dickinson College—the first new college founded in the newly recognized United States. The Dickinson School of Law, founded in 1834 and affiliated then with Dickinson College, ranks as the fifth-oldest law school in the United States and the oldest law school in Pennsylvania.

In 1757, Colonel Commandant John Stanwix—for whom Fort Stanwix in upstate New York is named—–made his headquarters in Carlisle, and was promoted to brigadier general on December 27 of that year.

Stanwix had sat in Parliament as Member for Carlisle during the 1740s.

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