Hope u can all be kind to my friends and eachother.

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We are always welcoming to new users, and you may contact or message any of our Special Rights users or Founder anytime! Areis is a cocky, yet courageous canine roleplayed by Mute Songbird.

It connects you to a real person who can help find an answer to any issues you're having.

And because you won't need to wait long for a chat advisor, it's often quicker than calling us.See "User Rights Requests" if you're interested in applying.Prime Minister, Government of the Pakistan, Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif has decided to announce vacancies in huge numbers before General Election 2018.The Internet imploded Sunday night after Selena Gomez allegedly called out her ex, face tattoo enthusiast Justin Bieber, in an Instagram comment.The enfant terrible of the music world recently warned fans that he would make his Instagram private if they continued to hate on his purported new lady friend, Sofia Richie.Some fans were in awe of Selena’s deft handling of the situation.