In fact, the small efficiency losses of the drive may make it worse.Where a VSD compressor really shines is at part load.

The pressure would come back up in a rush, the fixed speed compressor would drop down to an idle and shut off, and the whole cycle would repeat at the next load swing. A smaller, base loaded compressor would cover enough of the air load that the VSD compressor could comfortably act as a trim unit, not hitting either the high or low end of its operating range.

It was a beautiful approach (yes, engineers do think this type of thing qualifies as beautiful).

When a little spike in air demand occurred, it couldn’t keep up and WHOMP, on would come the large fixed-speed unit to try to bring the pressure back up.

But the fixed speed unit was so big that it and the VSD unit couldn’t run simultaneously for very long without reaching their maximum pressure settings.

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Then I saw the number of starts and stops that had accumulated on the existing fixed-speed compressor.

It was cycling on and off two or more times an hour and doing awful things to the site’s peak electric demand.

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