Our research hypothesis was that Tweet2Quit would significantly increase sustained abstinence, defined as 7-day point prevalence abstinence at 7, 30 and 60 days post-quit date,29–31 relative to a usual care-control condition.A 2-group randomised controlled trial was conducted to assess the net benefit of adding Tweet2Quit to a usual care control condition.The study was conducted in four cohorts of 40 participants (total N=160).

Chat with young adults quitting smoking-41

Tweet2Quit sends twice-daily automated communications (‘autocommunications’) to encourage frequent and concurrent check-in, forms small intimate groups that start immediately and are closed to new members, and is purposefully of limited duration.

Tweet2Quit builds on promising past work in buddy interventions, in which smokers were assigned physically proximal quit buddies.19–21 With Tweet2Quit, smokers meet numerous potential quit buddies in a virtual online forum.

See: network sites, defined as web-based services that allow individuals to construct user profiles, communicate with others with whom they share a connection, and view others’ communications,1 would seem to be an ideal forum for self-help groups.2–7 Social network sites are popular, virtually cost-free, accessible on laptops and mobile devices, and highly interactive.8 9 In the USA, 73% of online adults report using social network sites, such as Facebook or Twitter, with 42% using multiple sites, often daily.10Social network sites’ potential for facilitating self-help groups is still unrealised, though.

Similar to predecessor technologies, such as bulletin boards and listservs, prolonged engagement is often poor; initial interest may be high but often wanes.2 11–13 Research has identified three main reasons for this.14–17 People do not see and/or respond to others’ posts promptly enough, causing dropouts.17 New members’ posts may be ignored because they lack social capital within the group.16 18 Even active members gradually lose interest and disengage, and thus most groups have a limited duration.14We developed a novel intervention for smoking cessation called Tweet2Quit that seeks to address these limitations.

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