Move over Cortana — Microsoft has unveiled another chatty artificial intelligence option.

Chatbot sandy-71

Unfortunately, trolls took advantage of the opportunity to teach Tay some outrageous and hateful language.

Microsoft had to shut down the bot once it started tweeting out highly offensive racist and lewd messages.

Zo follows in the footsteps of Xiaoice and Rinna, which are similar Microsoft bots offered in China and Japan, respectively.

In the future, Zo will be expanding wider, to Facebook Messenger and Skype.

But she also has strong checks and balances in place to protect her from exploitation,” Microsoft wrote on its website.

Microsoft certainly a complicated history with chatbots.

This contributed to bot learning and natural-conversation development for a chatbot that looks to not only be beautiful but also smart.

The initiative aims to transform the way women engage with beauty, and how they make beauty choices and purchases in an increasingly connected world.

Through the move, Shiseido aims to bring what was previously only available over beauty counters to the smartphone.

According to a press statement on the move, the chatbot was developed through the involvement of a wide pool of developers ranging from students to industry experts.

Now, beyond having an AI helper in the form of Cortana, Microsoft aims to bring its technology to a broader range of uses.“Zo is built using the vast social content of the Internet.