So ergeben sich tolle Muster und Designs aus natürlichen Materialien, vereint mit der bunten Farbe des Resins, das den Hintergrund bzw das Füllmaterial dazwischen bildet.

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Teilweise ist das Resin auch kombiniert mit facettierten free online mobile chat uk Steinchen, was den glitzernden Effekt noch verstärkt.

Ebenfalls bieten wir free chat pakistan without registration und learning english online chat room mit Resininlay, in das Resin ist dann bei diesem Resin Schmuck oft noch ein anderes Inlay eingelassen.

I like some of the added details like the rollover scrollbar and timer for online time. There is a slight lag after you send your message which could be server related and not program.

Probably not a problem, however feels a little odd when compared to using other chat thing like msn etc.

I'd try and capture the mouse wheel as well for scrolling the chat up/down.

Down the road would be nice to add upgrades to it, where you can upload an avatar or fill out some info about yourself.

Might want to check session variables or something on page load to fix that.

@Mctittles: Sounds can be turned ON and OFF via the chat command /sounds Sometimes, the server hosting the chat demo is kinda slow at around 1am Spain time for a few hours.

Sending a message in my chat will take no longer than 0.5-1 second before the other party receives it.