The importance of finding a young actor talented and charismatic enough to carry the series can’t be overstated, and I don’t envy them the job.

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came out in 2007—Patrick Rothfuss even weighed in early on, tapping a few actors and actresses for different roles.

Back in 2008, he pictured Natalie Portman as Denna, for example, Morena Baccarin as Fela, and Neil Patrick Harris as Bast.

The Chronicler/Devan Lochees—Hugh Laurie The role of Chronicler could be played a million different ways, and an actor like Hugh Laurie is capable of bringing a little bit of everything to the table: the gruffness of Dr.

House, the foppishness of Bertie Wooster, and the skills of a brilliant, world-class comedian.

In the end, I settled on Matthew Beard (probably best known for his roles in the films ) because he comes closest to my mental image of Kvothe as a young adult.

Of course, we’d have to reverse-Cumberbatch his hair from dark to true red first, but I think he has both the proper look and the proper intensity to be a contender…

All in all, I expect that mileage for some of these suggestions will vary wildly, so please chime in with your own casting picks and theories in the comments!

Kote (AKA, Older, World-Weary, Cut-Flower Kvothe)—Tom Hiddleston There have been a lot of strong candidates for this role bandied about lately, and I absolutely agree that Kevin Mc Kidd would do an amazing job as Kote/Kvothe.

They’re both hugely appealing actresses who could do wonders with a potentially difficult character.