It may sound odd, but in my grandfather’s house, there are portraits of my mother and her two sisters as kids on the wall. He hated authority and had some extracurricular activities that are probably best not to go into here. What are some of the defining elements of Christadelphianism?

Christadelphians think that a couple of corrupt, rogue Jewish guys, in collusion with some Romans, killed Christ.

The fact that they were Jewish had less to do with it than politics did.

The Jews on the other hand, because they had a relationship with God first, are exempt from this, they enjoy a special relationship with God that others don’t.

You know how, in antiquity, the firstborn was always the favored son?

Yeah, there’s no anti-Semitism in Christadelphian circles because the Jews are the chosen people—so therefore they get a pass, to phrase it crudely.

The Christadelphians believe that everyone is going to have to answer to God on Judgment Day, and that all Christians—Baptists, Catholics, Lutherans, the whole lot—are going to be found lacking because they are not following the Bible exactly.For example, it never says in the Bible, to my knowledge, that when you die if you’ve been good you go to heaven. They don’t believe in hell because—according to what I was told coming up—the word for hell is Gehenna, which was a smoldering garbage dump outside of Jerusalem.You might wonder, why don’t they adhere to the law of Moses—they don’t keep kosher, for example—if they’re so literal?Because they think Christ was the fulfillment of the law, and you didn’t need to follow, say, all those old dietary rules.The stories and laws of the Old Testament, according to Christadelphians, are forward looking to the time when Jesus, the Messiah arrives, and when he arrives, that’s a fulfillment of all the promises that God made to Israel.My boyfriend, Jonathan Dixon, and I have much in common.