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About Rori Raye: Rori is a relationship coach who helps women create more loving relationships through the techniques she teaches in her live seminars, online relationship advice products and one-on-one coaching sessions with clients.

She turned her own miserable and painful love life around to the glorious, happy marriage she's enjoyed with her husband of 25 years, and now she shares her secrets with a million women who actively engage with her in her newsletters.

However, over the last few hundred years there has been a shift, and simply being the strongest and most able to provide are no longer the only factors at play.

So how does one succeed with women in this day and age? What are the new factors that determine whether or not a man will be able to get the girlfriend that he wants?

Her readers see her as a best friend with a "we're in this together" sort of attitude when it comes to love advice.

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