Friday I head to California for a visit with my precious granddaughters Today’s Question: My husband has been emotionally and verbally abusive from the start.We have been married almost 7 years and have a beautiful 2 year old son.

They may go to marriage counseling, but it is always their spouse’s lack of love, lack of support or lack of care that becomes the issue.

They often portray themselves as the victims of emotional abuse.

I just finished taping, with Michele Borquez Thornton, a DVD series for divorced women who need to heal and want to grow and build healthy relationships.

I’m excited about the panel of experts she’s drawn together and, as soon as it’s released, I will let you all know.

The narcissist’s entitlement mindset seems more excusable or justified because of his or her success.

However, when a person is NPD and is rather ordinary, he or she still feels entitled and becomes disgruntled when people aren’t treating them as special as they feel they deserve.

In other words, you become nourishment to meet their NEEDS.

When you cease nourishing them, they will discard you and move on to new food (another person).

From a purely secular point of view, NPD is one of the hardest disorders to treat primarily because the narcissist never sees himself as “the problem”.

Therefore they rarely present themselves for treatment.

If or when the therapist tries to get the narcissistic person to reflect honestly on himself or his or her behavior, there is usually great resistance, excuse making, blame shifting, or termination of treatment.