If you think you’ve found the one on this Jewish Internet dating website, then you can also read the community’s e-zine JMag, and you’ll get great tips on how to make your love life flourish.

If this sites not for you, then there are tons of other dating sites in our online dating directory.

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Connections was founded with the understanding that meeting that "special someone" takes work.

The dedicated shadchanim of Connections are talented individuals, gifted with the keen sense of understanding the complimentary needs of every individual.

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- 4/5 JDate is a good means to find the right Jewish woman .

I like the fact that I can weed through them with a good set of profile questions.

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But you may be wondering, why not just go to a regular dating site?

The main advantage of a religion-based dating service is that you get to meet people who share your interests, so you have a better chance of finding someone suitable.

And just as there are community groups for different sectors, there are also religious dating websites for people of different backgrounds.