But virtualization also offers far-reaching opportunities for administrators to fundamentally transform the operations in their datacenters.

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are wondering how they should reconcile these two techniques in datacenter environments.

Virtualization tools such as partitions, virtual machines, and resource management software all enable multiple dominant workloads to run simultaneously on larger servers, which is typically a key aspect of consolidation.

This relieves anxiety and allows staffers to focus on the job at hand.

We've all heard "manage by walking around" so often that it has become trite. Mergers mean change, even to those who get promotions because of them.

Although consolidation can substantially increase the efficient use of server resources, it may also result in complex configurations of data, applications, and servers that can be confusing for the average user to contend with.

To alleviate this problem, server virtualization may be used to mask the details of server resources from users while optimizing resource sharing.

Here are 10 things to think about if you are tasked with IT for a merger.

Mergers aren't just "clinical" projects that convert systems so they work together.

The IT staff also has technical allegiance to systems it's familiar with.