They were hunter-gatherers, though unlike wolves, their lack of natural weaponry was offset by their increased brain function and rare status as not only tool users, but the first complex tool makers. For the proto-humans, the voice was a critical tool just as it is for the wolf.When the pack hunts, the members spread out across territory in search of prey.One day, some proto-human was playing with the remnants of his food around the communal fire and happened across an animal horn with its tip broken off.

Soon, however, it would have been accepted as a new noise maker along with bones, stones and sticks.

The trumpet is thus among the very oldest of musical instrument concepts.

By the peak of the last ice age 22,000 years ago the other proto-humans that survived the Sumatran super-volcano in 70,000 BC (which reduced the homo-sapiens to perhaps hundreds, and one mitochondrial study indicated as few as 12 couples of child-bearing age) had dis-appeared.

When the glaciers had receded and human civilization began to emerge 9,000 years ago, the Neolithic Revolution had transitioned hunter-gatherers to farmers. Pipes, bells, flutes, harps, drums and string instruments were seen from Africa to the North-East Asian coastline.

The modern humans, the homo-sapiens, having appeared on the earth approximately 200,000 years ago, music and the trumpet predate our species.

The closest analog to our Heidelbergensian pre-lingual proto-human ancestors half a million years ago would be wolves.

Once the bronze age reached Egypt around 2750 BC with its established culture of permanent settlements, professional trades and mercantile economy, Egypt exploded onto the world stage as the first great superpower economically, and ultimately, militarily.

With trade networks spanning the Mediterranean prior to the demise of the Minoan trading civilization around 1500 BC, Egypt imported materials and exported finished goods including ceramics, stone work, copper tools, chariots, weapons, and most of all, beer.

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