Therefore, many jurisdictions will treat cybersex as engaging in sexual practices.This will in turn give rise to the situation where cybersex can be illegal.

This also includes not necessarily the actual act of cybersex, but also the solicitation to engage in cyber activities.

Soliciting cyber, as well as sending sexually explicit messages, pictures, and material to a minor is considered illegal in the United States.

You wouldn’t exchange that sort of conversation offline, so be wary of inadvertently doing it online.

Secondly, you may be uncomfortable when you discover the person you just had virtual sex with was actually not the gender they said they were.

Not everyone that dose has this or any issue with it.

GMTS Love and light Karen My OH had cyber sex with someone who was a frind of both of us and was a consellor supposedly helping us with our marriage after he had returned as a soldier from Iraq.

well a few years ago I would have said no it's not cheating.

Now I'm not so sure I would say cheating but it can bring on a lot of trouble for a relationship. I think if it is hurting your relationship with a real person then there is something worng.

" How would you feel if you walked in and saw your significant other getting naked for the webcam?

Unless you'd be 100% okay with it, then it's waaaay not okay for you to be doing it.

A phone number has been exchanged at one time, maybe even a photograph he sent her of himself! that cyber flirting is no different than going to a strip bar with buddies. And who knows what he/she has told that other person.