But ever since Piper staked that demon zombie, Hunter's been studying her.

Sure, he's eye-catching in combat boots, but the boy's definitely pursuing more than a goodnight kiss.

This may not be what some may look for in books if they prefer slow evolving relationships.

Other than that, this a perfect one for any reader who likes their erotica with a little bit of humor as well as sexy.

And I can do whatever I please and you can like it or lump it.” The voice boomed throughout the small apartment that was Mina’s home.

The cut crystal hanging from the chandelier in the hallway tinkled violently.

This is a fast paced story since the book is only 80 pages.

Mina and Jedd (the incubus) have an instant connection and passion from page one.Araminta Tempest, Mina to her friends, isn’t normal by any stretch of the imagination.She’s one-eighth succubus demon and her Aunt Lucifer, supreme ruler of Hell, never lets her forget it.Even the prick of her long nails on her palms couldn’t distract her from the anger whipping through her blood.“You can’t do this to me.” “Don’t you swear at me, girl.The crockery in the kitchen cupboard rattled and a glass standing on the bench tilted and crashed into the sink.