Once all the participants confirm the transaction it will be recorded in the register and will influence the trust rating of the specific chatbot in the future.

The trust rating based on data from the distributed ledger would provide the customers with an opportunity to minimize the risks of attacks not only while ordering pizza.

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Using distributed ledger technology (DLT) for confirmation of reliability totally differs from the feedback evaluation systems.

It shows how many actual transactions were successfully made and confirmed by the members of a register — the real and existing chatbot users.

The lack of mutual understanding and frequent cases of unscrupulous chatbots may cause distrust towards the technology and rejection to use it at all.

The attackers continue to improve their methods and unfortunately often succeed in plenty of illegal affairs.

Some create technical support websites pretending to be a well-known IT-service company and even invest in search optimization of these fakes.

Preferring not to download several separate apps to the device, users provide their personal data to counterfeit chatbots and become a victims of fraud.

The increased level of trust will lead to the respectively higher interactivity level between user and technology.