Relate counsellor Denise Knowles, who has counselled many couples — with varied success — through these betrayals, says some men try to excuse these dalliances as an escape from the stress of stepping up to the role of father and family provider.

Ironically, Adele puts her husband’s infidelity down to his new-found body confidence: around the time she became pregnant, Paul lost an astonishing 12 stone after being overweight for years.

Rebecca (centre) was horrified to find out that Marc (left) had fathered twins that were born just eight months after her son Darcy (pictured as a baby), she realised that Marc had been cheating while she was pregnant‘The fact he could have fathered these children meant he had been sleeping with this woman while I was pregnant with our son,’ says Rebecca.

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When Chloe was five, Rebecca was thrilled to give birth to a son, Darcy, now 15, believing she could finally put Marc’s infidelity behind her.

They moved to Belgium to run a bar and then, when Darcy was two, decided to live in Spain, where Marc wanted to set up an estate agency.

We need to rebuild our trust, but I can't trust the situation because he cheated on me with her. When you two were engaged, he cheated and had a child by another woman.

He says he wants me, but I'm afraid if she keeps trying to get back with him she will succeed one day. Signed, Anonymous Dear Sis, News Flash: This man is not and has never been "your" man. ” This is a man that has never stopped cheating on you. Your statement that she would not allow him to see his “kids" indicate that he has more than one child.

If you want something different, you must do something different.

You deserve more than you are getting but if you accept less you will get less!Then, in December 2007, Paul begged for another chance.Keen to give their marriage another go for the sake of their children, Adele agreed. Clinical psychologist Roy Shuttleworth says it is not unusual for partners who have been forgiven after an affair to struggle to make the relationship work‘We got back together afterwards for the sake of the children, but it couldn’t work because, instead of forgiving and forgetting, every time we argued — which was often — she’d sling insults at me for being unfaithful.’ Rebebba Troch, pictured on her wedding day with Marc, had been touring Europe as a dancer when she became pregnant with her first child, Chloe, 20.The more you fight for another woman's man, the more desperate you look.The problem is not the other woman, the problem is "your" man and how you are responding to everything.Rather than holding him responsible, you have focused on the other women.