Following the Convention, RINA hosted the first conference of major societies in 1939 - attended by ABS, BV, DNV, GL, LR and NK - which agreed on further cooperation between the societies.A second major class society conference, held in 1955, led to the creation of working parties on specific topics and, in 1968, to the formation of IACS by seven leading societies.

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A classification society’s workforce comprises of ship surveyors, mechanical engineers, material engineers, piping engineers, and electrical engineers.

Surveyors employed by a classification society inspect ships at all stages of their development and operations to make sure that their design, components, and machinery are developed and maintained in accordance with the standards set for their class.

The GPG develops and implements actions giving effect to the policies, directions and long term plans of the Council.

The chair of GPG is taken by the Member holding the Council chair.

The process covers inspection of engines, shipboard pumps and other vital ship's machines.

They also inspect offshore structures such as oil rigs, submarines and other marine structures.

IACS provides guidance and technical support and develops unified interpretations of the international statutory regulations developed by the member states of the IMO.

Once adopted, these interpretations are applied by each IACS member society, when certifying compliance with the statutory regulations on behalf of authorising flag States.

New entrants to the Security Industry now can complete an 11 day course including First Aid and receive a full Certificate II in Security Operations which will enable them to apply for a FULL 1ACE Security Licence.

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