Our dialogue would go as follows: The wife is left feeling resentful and the man feels inadequate because he isn't getting a fair slice of the precious time his wife spends on the baby.

And don't expect to get sex the first week or so of giving her more outings by herself- be patient and show her this is genuinely time she deserves, no strings attached.

Even if you're hoping for some sexual favors sometime down the road, you should still be sincere about helping her detach from the kids a little.

Children have a huge impact on a couple's sex life.

I remember a repetitive conversation/argument my husband and I had during the many ensuing months after our daughter was born.

Problems can occur when the husband wonders why she can't find it within her to give more (ie. If husbands are expecting their wives to easily shut off their mother role once the kids are asleep, he'll be dissappointed.

sex) to him- why will she not go above and beyond for his needs? Give her time, on a weekend or during the day sometime, to shut off the mother role- when she is not exhausted already.

Insist that your wife has time for herself sans baby or children. Women get consumed, even obsessive, with their role as a mother and if she doesn't get to be by herself for decent periods of time, she will forget the (pre-children) inside her- leaving that identity for the role of supermom.

Insist on her getting time for herself and time with you, without the kids.

She is learning how to re-balance her life, and men need to be patient because, believe it not, the woman usually puts herself and her needs further down on the list than the needs of her partner.