Dating does not equal a monogamous relationship unless it is implied by both parties (Click to see my blog here) I personally do not see anything wrong with either one.

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And the only person that can determine that is you.

If you are a Christian woman and want to date that is okay.

So before even talking about marriage I need to know that I like you and you like me, and I rather do that through dating.

My advice that when you decide to court you must be clear on what you want (click here to read my blog on relationship deal breakers).

I feel that you cannot jump in and talk about marriage with someone unless you know what type of person you want to marry.

Dating and courtship are similar in the fact that whenever you are going out with someone you need to assess if you want to see this person again.

But I am also not against dating and I feel like dating can be good for you.

I must also mention that just because you are dating someone that does not mean that you should sleep with them (see my blog here). The way I see it is that I would rather go out on a date with someone, with no expectations and get to know them to see if they are someone that I would even consider going out on a second date with before I enter into a courtship.

If you are a Christian woman and you want to court that is okay too.

But let yourself be that determining factor; not your parents, not your church, not an elder, not your pastor; but YOU.

THE WAY OF THE WORLD In the world, dating was more about going out and then “sleeping together” afterwards.