You can make it a challenge to get through the entire deck, or just pick and choose the activities you like best.Feel free to keep them in order, or shuffle them up and take turns choosing a card to see where the night (or afternoon, or morning) may bring you.I know that some of you are probably rolling your eyes at me right now, but to me it feels like I just climbed Everest.

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I would suggest printing on card stock or heavy printer paper, for durability. If you would like to print the backing, send the printed pages back through your printer on the opposite side and print the striped artwork trimming them out. Use a pair of scissors or your craft knife and cutting mat to trim out the cards. Place the trimmed out cards into your assembled box, and let the fun begin!

Easy instructions for assembling the card box appear right on the page. Click here to download your printable date idea cards and gift card box.

Let's just say you were shopping for anniversary cards. Yep, we pretty much have this whole anniversary card thing covered.

We have lovey-dovey anniversary cards, silly anniversary cards, happy anniversary cards, printable anniversary cards.

What better gift for an anniversary than something that is inexpensive and completely personal?

I’ll include some very brief instructions, since they are easy! Simply click on the link below to download the file that contains the gift box template and the date idea cards.

Below you will see the card box that I created a template for, assembled, all on my own.

My 3-D design professor from college would never believe I was able to pull this off.

What better way to show how much you care than sending them a card from American Greetings.

Romantic, sweet and sexy love cards are perfect for surprising your loved one when they least expect it.

Just a small note that this is a large file, and it may take a few minutes to download.