When on a date, try to wear stuff like skirts and dresses and try to maintain the class.

In regard to the sensuous side of an Aries Man, it is very crucial to smell good.

At the same time, if you are not looking so happening or if he finds that your outfit does not suit you, he will express his feelings honestly.

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He is born with strong leadership skills and not afraid to choose the roads less travelled by or completely unexplored.

If you are a good listener and an adventure enthusiast, then you can be a perfect match for your Aries man. However, you also need to have the same magnetic qualities to attract him to you. If you want a successful and long-lasting bond with your Aries man, you also need to be sophisticated, feminine and bold too. You can blame it on the FIRE element it belongs to.

Soon after he discovers her perfect partner, he falls for her then and there.

He can be both – a romantic partner and your best buddy.

Feminism is something that attracts an Aries man greatly.

So, if you are a tomboy then an Aries is not the perfect match for you.Dating them is one of the most unique experiences you will ever get.Here are eight reasons you should definitely date an Aries guy at least once in life. This brings the manly qualities of being courageous, open and brazen.The qualities of being action-oriented and enterprising mean they are always up to something, and each day will be exciting and every hour will bring adventure.Spontaneity is one widely discussed quality of Arians.Love them or hate them, but the fact remains that zodiac signs are something you cannot possibly ignore.