Noel and Felicity are driven to distraction when Sean (Greg Grunberg), seeking a selling angle for his documentary, latches onto their shattered relationship and pesters them to discuss their feelings on-camera.

There, she meets her quirky (and smitten) resident advisor Noel (Scott Foley) and her first new friend Julie (Amy Jo Johnson).

When Felicity learns a male called the admissions office requesting a copy of her application essay, she assumes it was Ben — the subject of said essay — and sends him a copy.

The morning after the fight, Noel confesses he made a "huge mistake" in going off with his ex-girlfriend and begs Felicity for another try at their relationship.

Felicity struggles to tell Noel about her own indiscretion.

A source said: ‘Everything today couldn’t have been done more amicably. Ben and Jen are both still 100 percent committed to co-parenting their children and making sure their family situation works for them all.

You can’t have anything better than that.’ The pair are both requesting joint and legal custody of their children during their divorce proceedings and are “die-hard committed” to raising their brood.

She also applies for a seminar with a geneticist named Dr. Todd gets hit by a bus, and as he arrives at the hospital, he gives Felicity a note she wrote years ago about being an artist.

Todd almost dies, which causes Felicity to rethink her career path and blow an interview with Dr. Also, Julie mails a tape to Carole, and Elena severs ties with Tara.

She accepts, but Ben's reaction makes her rethink her plans. Mc Grath progresses along with her growing unease about the consequences of their affair.