The previous phase where you validate your idea will uncover a wealth of information about your users.

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Keep in mind though that if you are working on an app idea which doesn’t have any traction yet (think of pioneers like Uber) Google Trends won’t help.

Check out the featured apps on the app store, especially the top apps in your category for both free and paid versions.

Pro tip: When you run a survey, ask what should you do to make it a no-brainer for the user to download the app.

This question will cut out the fluff and give you actionable information on what your minimum viable product should look like.

If you already have an audience (email list, Facebook group, Slack group), it’s relatively easy to ask questions about usage patterns and user behavior.

If you don’t have a following you could still run Twitter polls, send traffic to a survey from a Facebook ad, or post a poll in one of the many Facebook groups.

One of the cheapest and most effective market research tactics is PPC ads on Google and Facebook.

Allocate a budget of 0, play around with the creative and the audience, send the traffic to a landing page, and evaluate the response.

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You can also use Top App Charts to track the top ranking i OS apps.