A crafty cigarette break is an instant mood killer, unless your date also partakes that is.1 | Checking Your Phone Above passive smoking and flipping the bird, it turns out basking in the glow of your phone is the ultimate snub with 19% of singles saying it was a no-go. Someone that likes wearing trainers without socks.2.

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According to data from Ok Cupid, daters' views on Trump, whether positive or negative, were considered a major deal-breaker amongst singles who are considering their potential matches.

Last week, Ok Cupid released a new set of questions relating to issues that we're all talking about right now.

Another term for relationship anxiety or fear of relationships, people who have commitment issues experience love just like anyone else, but their feelings can often be more intense driving anxiety, which snowballs as the relationship goes on.

Dating is tough enough as it is but add a commitment phobe to the mix and you could have recipe for disaster.

Some of which led us to wondering who these people are dating – but we have a feeling we've probably been guilty of the number one deal breaker at some point or other.5 | Having Sweet FA In Common This one can't be helped as such - it either is or it isn't, and you'll probably know before you get the first round in.

We've all been on a (number) of dates like this thanks to Tinder, and not surprisingly, 9% of the singles said having nothing in common was a deal breaker.Anyone who uses the winky face emoji as a form of flirtation.3.When they keep snapchatting their friends on your date.4. Or, “I never watch TV, except for documentaries.”6.Does your partner blow hot and cold, have an aversion to making plans or think that their needs should always come first?Well, chances are you could be dating a commitment phobe.Sure, at some point in the relationship, you'll do the obligatory swapping of stories and immediately regret it, but no-one wants to hear in-depth details of your last break-up when they've just met you.