) Instead, this Cupid on earth has decided to dispense her most valuable matchmaking advice to us mere mortals in her new book, "Become Your Own Matchmaker." This book was very interesting.

It was the first dating book I have ever read, and it was actually pretty addictive.

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When the right occasion comes along and that wine is uncorked, it will be the best, most delicious nectar the lucky partaker has ever experienced.

But that will only happen if happiness is a major ingredient.” “If you feel sexy, you’re more inclined to look sexy.

Sexy is a confident, fun loving, happy, sensuous, approachable state of mind that no man can resist.” “Don’t think of him as the prize for which you’re competing against hundreds of other women.

YOU are the prize, and HE needs to please you just as much as you need to please him.”I've only seen Patti Stanger's show "The Millionaire Matchmaker" a few times.

A., who helps the upper crust find their "love of a lifetime." She is probably most famous for her filter (or lack there of) when it comes to critiquing not only potential matches, but her clients as well. With an insanely high success rate, she might sound like the answer to your prayers, however her insanely high price tage might cause you to slam on the brakes of your Love Bus.

(After all, she is the "Millionaire Matchmaker", no?

Having little patience for "reality TV", I was surprised to find how addicting her show can be, and how fascinating it was to see the dating match-ups hits and misses.

I can't say I watched much of the show, but when she went on Oprah and they plugged her book, I went ahead and bought it.

You’re worth waiting for.” “Think of yourself as a great wine – you’re only getting better and more valuable Without giving away too much of the book, I do want to share some great quotes that I pulled from Stanger.

You’re worth waiting for.” “Think of yourself as a great wine – you’re only getting better and more valuable with age.

You are able to identify Patti's trademark sauciness immediately (She is the friend who will tell you your ass DOES look huge in that skirt, and then help you find a gloriously flattering dress), even through written word, which is very entertaining.