If you don't normally order expensive meals and pay for them yourself, don't do this on a date — you'll come across as a gold digger.• Expecting the guy to pay for the meal.

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It's an effective way to learn more about your date, see how compatible you are, and build a connection.

My first memorable experience of dating and dining was in my early 20s.

If you'd still like to order for her, ask if she's okay with that instead of just taking the initiative. If you're hungry but not eating, you may not come across as your best self.

Eat the amount you'd normally eat, as if you're having a meal with a good friend. If you tend to order a salad or something light because you don't want to be seen as having a large appetite, stop doing this!

Stay sober by enjoying one (or two, max) drink with food. While ordering for your date can be a kind gesture, it can also be perceived as controlling.

If you're a guy, instead of ordering for your date, let her order first. Being nervous on a date can cause you to push food around your plate instead of eating it.The only time to order a salad on a date is if you genuinely like salads.Order what you like and you'll have a more enjoyable dating and dining experience. Don't order the most expensive food or drink on the menu.I went out on a couple of dates with a cute guy from my gym.He had a hamburger on our first date, and on our second date, he ordered a meal that required using utensils.At the same time, don't be paying for most or all of your meals.