The Declared Value for Carriage may not exceed the Declared Value for Customs. Declared Value for Carriage will become effective on August 3, 2015.Declared Value for Letters and Paks Fed Ex Letter maximum declared value is US0.00 and up to 1 lb, or 30 unfolded pages. Dimensional Weight Dimensional weight is calculated by multiplying the length by width by height of each package in inches and dividing the total by 139 (standard density in cubic inches per pound).Fed Ex Pak maximum declared value is US0.00 and up to 2 lbs. If dimensional weight exceeds the actual weight, charges may be assessed based on dimensional weight.

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Declared Value for Carriage The Declared Value for Carriage fee is US$0.88 per US$100.00 in declared value, with the first US$100.00 or US$9.07 per pound (whichever is greater) free.

The maximum Declared Value for Carriage varies by country and type of service , but shall not exceed US$50,000.00 per shipment (US$100,000.00 for Fed Ex International Priority Freight shipments), For Items of Extraordinary Value, there is a limit of US$1,000.00 or less, depending upon destination country.

Invoices for duties and taxes are payable upon receipt.

Please Note: Self-employed persons, Employees with Business Income and Companies with Fiscal Periods, January to December are required by Law to make prepayments of taxes by the dates stipulated.

The information presented is not necessarily comprehensive, complete, accurate or up to date.

The Dominica Meteorological Service will try to correct any errors on this site of which it is informed.

They’re gorgeous or handsome by turns, these palmy ports of call, but they can begin to seem alike to visitors who don’t have time to become more intimately involved.

In a longer visit, even a few days, the distinctively natural character of Dominica (doe-min-EE-ka) — halfway between Guadeloupe and Martinique, and smaller than either — emerges. (It is not the Dominican Republic, for starters.) It’s easy to get to, but the airport is not large enough for a commercial jet.

Most travelers hit on Dominica — or Waitukubuli, in the island’s native Kalinago language — during a half-day shore excursion on a cruise.