The beam pattern looks pretty much identical to standard with no scatter and also I didnt get any oncoming vehicles flashing me or people in front slapping on the fog lights (ie the traditional indications you've annoyed someone)The light is just brighter & whiter and out on some unlit country roads it was almost like driving in daylight.

I've seen some conversions where you lose some of the foreground light but that isn't the case here Thanks for the info and photos!!

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The instructions say to position 6 for LHD and position 8 for RHD.

This tilts the shielded section slightly, position 7 would be a neutral position similar to the Halogen unit WHat is also nice is that the heat sink is removable which allows the OEM rubber boot to be slid back over before refitting the heat sink Initial impressions are that the light spread is identical to the standard Halogen unit although I will be calling in at my friendly testing station tomorrow and just checking it on their beam tester.

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