Businesses have two entrances - the front door and the telephone.

People calling your office for the first time evaluate your company based on your ATTITUDE, your VOICE, and your ATTENTION to their concerns/problems.

Eye contact, handshake, posture, introductions, voice, diction, office protocol and telephone skills are all components of "Professional Presence". Dining skills can determine if your professional image will be polished... Whether it is a sit-down meal, a reception or an invitation to the boss' house, this course will give you the confidence to enjoy and make the most of any occasion.

Topics include seating, utensils, the menu, eating unusual foods, selecting wines, smoking, zig-zag and continental dining styles and much more. This class offers guidelines on buying and selecting clothes that are right for your job and for the position you are striving to achieve.

Parents (fathers) will be invited to attend the Clothing Class. We focus on their interpersonal skills to be used in social situations, as well as in the professional setting.

Topics include: Communication Guidelines, General Social Guidelines, Dressing for Respect (both for men and women), Interview Skills, Dating Etiquette, Interviewing Skills, Public Speaking and Dining. In addition to the dining experience, the students will also experience going to the theater.

In this class young ladies will progress to the next level of etiquette.

Those who have already taken "Tools of the Table" will review/refine such skills as Proper Introductions, Telephone/Internet Etiquette and Safety and Dining Skills.

We will assist men and women in building their professional wardrobe and offer advice on "business casual" attire.

We will also cover accessories and personal grooming.

And finally, the parents will be invited to the last class session to see what their children have learned in "Tools of the Table." This is a 5 hour course. Participants will have the option to experience a Five-Course dinner served in a formal dining room for an additional fee.

This class is designed for mature students (ages 12-18) who are too busy with sports and extra-curricular commitments to attend the traditional five weeks of etiquette classes. This is a three hour class and only for those students who have long attention spans.

This class will teach you how to make your voice "user-friendly".