The vast majority of commenters said they would be sympathetic if she didn't like the style, but concluded that she only cared about the cost and wanted something bigger.More sympathetic sorts advised her to pretend the ring doesn't suit her of doesn't fit and ask if they can pick out something different together.

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One man shared a snap of his fiance proudly donning a £12.99 ring he snapped up a budget retailer, Argos.

This bride posted a delighted photo of her new ring, explaining: 'I'm guilty I wanted my engagement ring to be a ct of diamonds but now that I have one that I know my partner put a lot of thought into ....

He had been doing these god-awful King Kong impressions a little too loudly for his buddies in the back of the room and got himself moved to the front, beside me, because I apparently was quiet and responsible. We spent hours on the phone with one another every night and into the early morning.

My mother placed strict "D hours" on the phone..talking after 10pm. Neither of us can remember what we talked about or how we even had that much to talk about, but it didn't matter.

And it seems that the internet agrees - with ladies from around the world taking to Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to display their cut-price sparklers, with some costing as little as £12.99 from Argos.

Women from around the world have flaunted their budget rings online in revolt to a comment from woman who said her man didn't spend enough. It's about the fact I get to spend the rest of my life calling the man I'm completely and irrevocably in love with' I thought it was about time that I stopped living in sin!

However, a handful backed her up with one saying that £1,300 isn't a lot to spend for a high earner with one saying she'd been 'short changed' by any ring costing less than a month's salary.

The beauty was seen flashing her diamond engagement ring from fiance Taylor Goldsmith when hitting the Entertainment Weekly’s Pre-Emmy Party on Friday night at the Sunset Tower in West Hollywood.

On April 15th, 2006, the day before Easter, D sent me on an elaborate Easter Egg Hunt with twist.