Or rather, she learned as the night went on, that he’d planned consecutive dates at the same bar.

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Schweiger began to explain why he broke up with his ex-girlfriend at one point, according to Pylant’s thread, and Raven “asked if he also met her on a ‘group date.’ ” p.m.

After having stayed for almost an hour more to “see how it would ride out,” Incorvaia says, the women decided to skip out while Schweiger went outside once more.

“We ordered another round of drinks while he was outside, we finished our drinks and we were like, ‘Got to go, bye!

’ ” At one point Incorvaia found out that Schweiger had scheduled multiple dates in a row before.

“It was so ridiculous and too good of a story not to tell people,” she says. “Her rant on Twitter is kind of childish,” he says.

If you’re wondering, yes, the conversation was uncomfortable.

And she took to Twitter to create a now-viral thread that documented the events as they unfolded.

The night eventually attracted the attention of many national news outlets, including “Good Morning America,” as the story embodied society’s worst fears of what dating culture in the app age has become.

“She’s like, ‘You need to run, this guy’s the worst,’ ” Incorvaia says. Incorvaia texted her friends about the situation and, at this point, lost all faith in dating apps. “I don’t do online dating — just downloaded it this weekend.