Dozens of cabins are available for rent in nearby spots such as Coldwater, Calabogie, Horseshoe Valley, and Collingwood, and they’re ideal for hiking, tubing, snowmobiling, and low key nights that involve Netflix and a fireplace.

A cameo from man’s best friend can save a date from being absolutely dreadful, so it only makes sense to take on the dog days of winter with actual dogs.

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Make sure you work up an appetite: 220-plus restaurants are participating, including Fring’s, Loka, Brassaii, Bar Buca, Carbon Bar, Miku, Kasa Moto, and Momofuku Daishō.

It's the perfect way to eat well without worrying about draining your bank account.

And don’t think that their reserve is because you’re black.

I interviewed several women from Irish to Asian and they all said the same thing.

The end result is an app-driven social dating experiment that often leads to either, a) a casual Friday night at the Scotiabank Theatre, or b) an awkward coffee shop encounter.

The GTA’s most eligible bachelors and bachelorettes are usually preoccupied with ambition and individualism, and if that’s not the case, then there’s a good chance their apartment resides in a land far, far away (sorry, Willowdale).

The Art Square Gallery & Cafe, nestled next to the AGO, has crepe calzones and handmade chocolates that are nothing to scoff at, but the Chocolate Fondue For Two is the thing to get.

This date night special is made with organic, fair trade dark chocolate and served with fresh fruit, two white chocolate crepes, and an optional splash of Grand Marnier or Amaretto liquor.

Partnering with Boxcar Social, there are coffee flights and charcuterie to nosh on when you get tired of doing triple axels to impress your date.

Ice Fest returns to Yorkville Village on February 25 and 26 for a large dose of innocent fun.

It can be unapologetically rough out there, so to help stave off boredom (and another night at Snakes & Lattes), here are 29 different date options to get you through the winter months.