A pharmacist who claimed Islamic State were 'not bad people' was today convicted of showing a beheading video to two young children.

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Matthew Collins, the head of research at campaign group Hope Not Hate, said known neo-Nazis from National Action were seen meeting at a “terror training camp” in Warrington as recently as last Saturday.

“There were 10 of them in there training,” he told Undercover footage has shown neo-Nazis training with wooden knives and baseball bats, learning mixed martial arts and listening to lectures on “white jihad”.

The witness said: 'He said words to the effect of 'you've got blood on your hands'.

He told me I was barred and to get out.'It wasn't his pharmacy.

The group was proscribed as a terrorist organisation in December, making being a National Action member a criminal offence punishable by up to 10 years in prison, but a former detective said police are left powerless to arrest neo-Nazis acting under new names.

The warning came after five alleged members of National Action – including four serving soldiers – were arrested this week on suspicion of preparing acts of terrorism.

He was convicted of disseminating 'terrorist propaganda' in the form of a graphic Twitter video on his mobile phone between January 2013 and September 2014.

Both boys told the court that Ghumra had urged them to encourage other people to go to Syria and fight for the terror group.

He told the jury he had considered going to Syria to support Isis but had decided against it.

Asked about a tweet he wrote in which he enquired about going to Syria to 'work/fight' he said he only wanted to work as a pharmacist but knew he might have to fight.

He was teaching us to thrown knives and how to punch and kick.