As quoted from the first page you provided: Conventional Current assumes that current flows out of the positive terminal, through the circuit and into the negative terminal of the source.

This was the convention chosen during the discovery of electricity. Every electronics engineer is aware that current in wires is carried by electrons, and also that there are various situations in which it is carried by positively charged objects.

Conventional current, the flow of positive charge, is not an "incorrect" theory about which directions electrons flow. I'm sure you're arguing just for the sake of arguing.

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The notion of "conventional current" is just that - a convention.

This is surely elementary stuff taught, if not at school, certainly in the first year of a degree course.

Adafruit has a tutorial on converting an Arduino Uno from 5v to 3.3v. I'm new to electronics and am just trying to understand stuff that doesn't make sense. Hi, Yes it does "smoothen" the flow of electricity to the batteries, as the electric output from a solar cell is not always constant.

There are loads of 3.3v Arduino designs about (including the awesome Jee Node, which fits in a medicine bottle and can last months on a boosted AA battery). I've been wanting to use this myself for some time. Here is a link that might help you understand more on capacitors :)With the advent of the transistor, this theory was proven wrong and has since been replaced.

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It's a convention which is so universally employed that producing a circuit diagram with the arrows reversed would cause confusion rather than enlightenment.

Regards, Pete I believe that the hyperphysics web site I linked to second is a quite reputable source. You sound like you already have your mind made up that I am wrong, which is fine, but I want other readers to have the chance to make up their own minds.

Just be clear that the flow of electricity is not the same thing as the flow of electrons, as my examples pointed out.