So now I have her running to the bank with bogus MTCN's for nonexistent money!The letters from "her" are very similar to the ones already posted.

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I asked about it the next letter and she responded that there was some trouble with her line.

I tried calling the following week, but the same story - just rings with no answer or busy signals.

She said if we want to continue writing, it would be best to help her with internet expenses because it was expensive for her.

(She did not seem to have any trouble writing to me quickly.) Only because I was so curious of how far she would go with her responses, I admitted to her that I would help her out financially.

Since I was already familiar with Visa costs and procedures, when she asked for $250.00 for a $45.00 tourist visa that would never be issued to a woman in her position anyway, I decided to turn the tables on the scammer.

Most email programs will automatically send an email if a particular person sends you an email.There were no funds and this time wrote a nasty letter and said she felt stupid for going to the Western Union office again. I've put Russia in my profile because there was no name of my country in the list, so I indicated the country which is the closest one to mine.She suspected I was dishonest by not sending the money and asked if there was anything wrong. I wrote her back and said I purposely did it to get back at her for wasting my time corresponding with her. So if you wanted to get to know with Russian Girls from only Russia, then I am sorry for disappointing you, if you are still interested in getting to know me, then let's go further.To my surprise, she seemed quite excited in her next letter and this time gave her full name and complete address as Western Union would need the information!And finally the icing on the cake, she wanted 0 to help her pay for Internet services - imagine that. I told her that I finally transferred the money at Western Union and for her to go ahead and pick it up. She emailed back saying there was no money at the Western Union office and was quite upset.The name was the same but there were different photos . I asked for her address and phone number on my second letter, but only gave her phone number (998-712) 676488.