This betrayal isn’t a sexual one, but one of trust.The injury to the husband’s ego is often just as significant as the betrayal of trust and not necessarily what his wife did.The study was carried out by dating site Victoria Milan - a site that specialises in helping men and women find affairs.

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A new study has revealed exactly when women are most likely to start playing away, or at least consider looking for sex outside of their relationship.

A wife or girlfriend is most likely to start sleeping with another man behind their partner’s back in their mid-30s.

Find out what’s making you both unhappy/unfilled, and seriously consider if it just might be time to go your separate ways.

Because, as “lonely” as singledom is often portrayed, there’s no lonelier place than a relationship where your partner doesn’t want to be with you.

And maybe you’ve gone without having sex for so long that doing it again creates anxiety.

One thing is clear, though: There is something seriously wrong with your relationship.

Doe, who regularly presents the Sexplanations You Tube series, additionally said that some fighter sperm will go and attack any it sees as a threat in order to kill them.

These particular fighter sperm are referred to as ‘kamikaze sperm’.

Going seven months without sex — and not making an effort to find any resolution — is very likely a symptom of a more serious issue.