Structures with all-masonry exteriors come to mind immediately, but most other buildings at least have masonry foundations or chimneys.

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In a statement read out by his lawyer in court today, Corry said he helped to install the mortar launcher.

He said the aim was not to kill as many British soldiers as possible, but simply to show that they were not safe even outside the UK.

The Brief should serve as a guide to prepare specifications for repointing historic masonry buildings.

It should also help develop sensitivity to the particular needs of historic masonry, and to assist historic building owners in working cooperatively with architects, architectural conservators and historic preservation consultants, and contractors.

Some of the web versions of the Preservation Briefs differ somewhat from the printed versions.

Many illustrations are new and in color; Captions are simplified and some complex charts are omitted.

To order hard copies of the Briefs, see Printed Publications.

Masonry—brick, stone, terra-cotta, and concrete block—is found on nearly every historic building.

Today in court, he admitted his part in carrying out the attack in 1996 for which he was placed on the international wanted list in 2004 by the German authorities.

In spite of this, it has taken 13 years for Corry to finally be put on trial, drawing widespread criticism for the delay.

The Russian embassy in Syrian capital Damascus has been hit by mortar shells during an at tack, Moscow says.