I liked Resident Evil: Extinction a little more than others of its type because it gives us more of a sedate look at the situation rather than a mere exploitation of special effects, attractive heroines and needless gore.

Yes, it's true to say that this film has action scenes of a silly nature but they do not seem as stupid as previous Resident Evil films in which the protagonist is able to use kung-fu on dogs and make impossible shots to defeat her foes.

As a federal team, the group responds to emergencies all over the country: taking down elite bank robbers, drug kingpins, domestic terrorists, spies, jewel thieves, and corrupt cops.

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Alice (Jovovich) meets some human survivors but discovers them oddly unfriendly which acts more of a surprise than a dramatic twist.

It's a scene in which implied prior victims have been conned, raped and then fed to the dogs; in this case infected dogs and sure enough Alice finds herself in the said situation – a sequence of events that plays out in a daft manner that reminds you of the prior films.

In the film, there is a scene in which several zombies come charging out of a metal crate.

The scene works on the level of realism within the film because the film could so easily have substituted them for a larger, more visually impressive enemy that would've sufficed for the following action scene. ' and ' How can we bed down for the night safely and free from attack?

I mentioned the word 'realism' in that paragraph, perhaps crazily so. ' These sorts of questions were lost in the previous films and are empty from other recent post-apocalyptic horror/sci-fi films like Blade: Trinity.

But Resident Evil: Extinction takes time to present its heroes, all of whom travel in a procession of large vehicles, with every day issues that would affect them. Additionally, when the film does reveal its particularly large scale monster for the film's climax it does so in an effective manner.

(at around 56 mins) After the characters arrive in Las Vegas, they park right next to the Paris Casino's Eiffel Tower and the Venetian Casino.

In reality, The Venetian is one mile up Las Vegas Blvd (The Strip).

The film is also disappointing in the sense that when the procession of vehicles housing the characters Alice, they are spread evenly in ethnicity and attitude meaning each individual 'type' could be killed off accordingly.