My favorite of their Korean songs for so many reasons: live audience, awesome vocals, deep-voiced Engrish."O"-正.反.合 dating on earth dbsk summary-2

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Live Journal wouldn't let me put in all the pics I wanted.

=( But I think I made my point: These boys care about each other and nobody can deny it.

“I can take pictures” Seungri offers shoving the huge camera in Yoochun’s face, a goofy grin plastering his face. They are both staring at the object of their affection that is standing right in front of them with his backside faced towards them, wearing tight baby blue jeans. “Don’t you dare move your hands away from that camera” Yoochun warns as he sees some movement from his peripheral view.

Well from that moment on, they both instantly clicked. Seungri quickly reverts his hand back from going southwards and back to clicking and zooming at the groin in front of him. ” Suengri’s annoying voice shouts from beside him, at a particularly high pitch overriding all the other voices in the stadium. I wanna meet Junsu-sshi” Yoochun sees that the woman is already attracted to his voice and is walking towards them. Su Su...” Seungri screams in horror and runs towards his precious camera.

” huge-hair shrieks as she aims the mammal on his head and sharp fingernails clawing on his white t-shirt. But I think I’ve seen you before” Lexis says, and stops jumping “have you been to Xiah’s other concerts? Now I really want to get to the stage to see Xiah Junsu up close” Yoochun tells desperately, turning back trying to calculate on how to get in between the non-existent gaps between the girls. ” Lexis rolls her eyes at such an obvious solution and gives him a smile.

He thought he’d die from animal abuse, covering his head from the evil Tracy Turnbald wannabe before finally seeing his chance at escape when a voice screams, Everyone had immediately turns towards the huge screen at that exclamation. She steps back a little away from Yoochun, takes a huge breath before bellowing out with her hands cupping her mouth in a make-shift megaphone. ” Miraculously, Yoochun observes, Lexis is heard above the thousands of fans screaming and all the girls within 1 meter radius stops and turns towards him. ” Yoochun says, waving his hand uselessly, giving them a small wave and a crooked smile.

Xiah Junsu is half naked in only tight black pants, sweat trailing down his back.

His eyes zooms in on one particular trail of sweat as it travels down his spine and disappears into the rise of his backside, , Yoochun wants to say but what comes out is, “Iimfabhhnnnnggggh” “Erm..... ” Junsu asks cutely confused, knuckles reaching up to his sideburns and flattening the hair out of habit.

Sad to say, there's never been a harder time to be a Yun Jae fan what with the split, the lawsuit and the music videos featuring Go Ara. There is much that didn't make it to this essay.