"Denver is a fun, male-driven town where a lady can certainly lose her breath—not just from the altitude." Battista agrees, noting that Denver has an endless number of opportunities to meet attractive, available guys."Go for a hike in the morning to a ski session in the afternoon, and remember that a nice happy hour bar scene is a goldmine for ladies who like to be active," she suggests. Phoenix, Arizona"Thirty percent of the male population is single..I say more? Well, that's reason enough not to overlook sunny Phoenix as a hot spot (literally) for finding love, but there's more to the city than just a favorable male to female ratio.Dating is all about three things: location, location, location.

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But stopping in for the Times is part of the night.

Maybe they’ll have a significant other or friend with benefits in tow, ready for bed.

And given the all-day dining and drinking culture, you’re bound to hook your love." 3. may get a bad rap for those trying to find love, dating in L. Women in their 30s have ample opportunity to connect with guys on all fronts: 20 percent of singles meet their mates online, followed by introductions through friends, social networking and at the office. Denver, Colorado On the dating app Are You Interested?

Los Angeles, California Hot young things should head west, with bikinis in tow, to take advantage of this city's vast dating scene says Goldstein. , male users outnumber women 6 to 1 in Denver, which is reason enough to consider the Mile High City as a good place to meet a man in your 30s.

Conversation is an endless dodging of topics that would flag the age gap. Cougars don’t go out in the rain.” He wants to say more, but others walk up.

They’re not going to turn their backs on my fellow cougar-poser and me. That’s the kind of wonky, knowledge-hungry people we are.

My first stop is Café Milano, a movers-and-shakers kind of restaurant with a very well-dressed meat market bar scene. I try to catch the blonde’s eye while her date checks e-mail, but she doesn’t see me. He engages her, somehow gets her to admit to having cougar-ed in the past, and then distracts her date so I can move in for a conversation.

I considered the bar a place where older men hit on younger women. She’s lived here several years, still speaks with a heavy British accent and says she’s met a few younger men at Milano.

Unless both parties are a) very drunk, b) ready for sex, and c) able to ignore the watchful crowd around them, the center will not hold. If you’ve visited DC, you’ve probably noticed that we’re not overly fit or fashion-forward. We like talk and, if someone’s got enough time to keep their bodies too perfect, that person’s probably not talking, or thinking, enough.