So I was persistent with him and a few days after we did the session and that was that."He continued, "It was Dennis' idea. "I got this as a reminder that what we are searching for can only be found within yourself...from your job, how much money you make, who your dating, how many followers you have," she wrote on Instagram.The birthday party was two weekends ago, and we did the tattoo session this past Monday. The actress dished about her new ink at Comic-Con, explaining why she ultimately chose the symbol for water: "It's the color of a scar so it's au naturel and it's literally the most unrebellious tattoo that anybody could ever get." Mother Monster herself revealed in a Reddit AMA that her Monster Paw tattoo is, "the symbol of my fans as they have held their paws high in the crowd every night since we became a community.“These days, it seems as if one issue is ending, another is beginning, and I know it can be extremely overwhelming, but your attention and your assistance is of extreme importance,” he said.

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Drake's dad just took fatherly pride to a whole new level!

Dennis Graham took a page out of his son's book and decided to tattoo a picture of the rapper's face on his arm.

Rihanna & Drake are seen here leaving there 2016 Brits Awards afterparty held at Tramps Club in Mayfair, London.

Rihanna & Drake left the venue at 5am and where also joined by rapper Chipmunk & Keisha Buchanan.

As you may know, Drake himself has several tattoos of family, friends and icons, including: Lil Wayne, Denzel Washington, Aaliyah and even his father's mug shot.

Dennis looked to celebrity tattoo artist Money Mike for the new ink, which is features the rapper looking over his shoulder and giving that Drake look we all know and love. News about the process, explaining, "I went to Drake's dad's birthday party and we were talking tattoos and it so happened that he wanted to get one. He was absolutely amazed by it."Speaking of new ink, last week Drake immortalized Denzel Washington with a tattoo of the actor's character Bleek Gilliam from the 1990 film winner commemorated her milestone finish with some fresh ink.

All three of his kids also share real estate on their dad's fit bod!

Britney Spears seems to have selected her tattoos using the same careful process she used when selecting husbands and managers.

Tattoo removal can be very painful so hopefully Dean Mc Dermott hasn't jinxed his marriage by getting not one but two tattoos of wife Tori Spelling.

Not only does he have Tori's name emblazoned on his wrist but her portrait stares out from his arm as well.

She's a living, breathing legend in our industry." And the flirtiness between the two didn't stop there.