View full product details In 1968, Rickenbacker made three natural finish 12 string guitars in the 'Old Style' fashion. Email for more photos and info on this rare custom color classic.

View full product details Rare original Lake Placid Blue Precision bass. Original finish has a beautiful fade with green hues.

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This is a fairly comprehensive reference on Rickenbacker's instruments.

It has a great section on the early models (pre-1950) that covers the steels RIC made really well.

Roger Mc Guinn of The Byrds cites George Harrison's use of a Ric 360-12 as the reason he abandoned his acoustic in favour of a Rickenbacker 12-string - in the process giving birth to the folk/rock movement.

But after The Beatles, the most visible proponent of the brand was The Who's Pete Townshend - although he was, of course, as famous for smashing Rickenbackers as for playing them.

View full product details This Martin defines the 60s folk sound.

Not only is it in great shape, it's acoustics are well balanced with thundering lows. Don't hesitate to drop by and check this one at the shop! The guitar company was founded in Los Angeles by a Swiss tool and dye maker Adolph Rickenbacker - a distant cousin of the celebrated First World War flying ace Eddie Rickenbacker.In the early 1930s, Adolph developed the first commercially successful electric guitar, a cast aluminium Hawaiian model.The guitar in all original, stamped 2 on headstock, serial 00243873, no breaks or cracks, lightweight, includes original case. View full product details 2010 Scott Henderson Model in excellent condition, lightweight alder body in Olmpic White, maple with Indian Rosewood neck, D shape. 7 lb 12 oz View full product details Well balanced, lightweight Telecaster Custom in Mocha.Changed parts including tuners, frets, pots, knobs, bridge pickup (Fender Custom Shop). Demo this one through our Vintage Fender Deluxe Reverb to become a believer.The German heritage is evident in the Teutonic design: "cat's eye" sound holes, triangular markers and recessed top carve.