In many cases, we may refer to a backstamp style by the type of coddler upon which it was seen.

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The business had different names over the years as Grainger partnered with others: Grainger and Wood, Grainger and Lee.

George Grainger took over the business when his father died in 1839.

Type 2A and Type 2B coddlers have a reference number, R #561564 in a box below the circle. This mark has been seen on a coddler with a silver lid. Type 3 backstamps consist of the characters C51 in a circle topped by a crown.

According to KM, this would be an English registry mark, and if so, the design was registered in 1909 with the British Patent Office. The example shown has twenty dots, and so it's believed that the year of manufacture was 1911. Around the top of the circle are the words ROYAL WORCESTER. There are banners on either side of the circle in which the words CROWN and WARE appear.

RW nor any other authority on porcelain or pottery will have the faintest idea what you are talking about if you say you have a Type 2A RW egg coddler.

The characteristics of a coddler that are used to determine the type of coddler are the backstamp and the screw threads.

In order to differentiate between different Royal Worcester (RW) coddlers with the same or similar pattern, We use a combination of characteristics of the coddler. As more data becomes available to us, some of these types may change.

There are twelve major types of RW coddlers, which will be designated with an Arabic numeral (Type 1 through Type 12).

The backstamp on Type 3 coddlers is dull green in color.