The entries are listed from north of Alexandria to south.

The lists follow each street through to its end before moving on to the next one and move firstly along the east side of those streets running broadly north-south before turning round to come back along the west side so that they finish approximately opposite where they started.

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Willie’s memory and knowledge of these times is encyclopaedic.

The Street numbers are drawn from the Valuation Rolls.

The prices are affordable and it’s a neighbourhood store, so there’s always someone you know shopping there at the same time as you.

It’s the perfect place for playing catch-up when I go back home.

They’re also iconic gifts to celebrate life’s major milestones.

I don’t think there’s only one; each arrondissement/neighbourhood has its own style.

This is a list of the shops / pubs / business premises in Alexandria about 1950.

Most of them were in Main Street and Bank Street, but there were others in what could be considered side streets and one or two of them had a Vale-wide following.

And no longer is there a milliner in Alexandria nor a tobacconist’s nor a seller of sheet music.

But there are still two excellent butchers, an equally good fish-shop and the range of food and drink is better than it was in 1950.

On those streets which run from east to west they start on the north side and come back along the south side.