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Photos and Names of Scammers on this page were used in a verified visa scam.

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We do want to remind you that Russian Dating Scams are by a small number of ladies or groups of people.

At Ukraine Dream we do know that there are many eligible ladies throughout Ukraine that are looking for that special someone.

The Scammers will many times approach you on popular American Dating Sites.

Russian Dating Scams are organized many ways; asking for money to help pay for Internet correspondence, medical bills, apartments, travel etc.

Nicholson; [email protected]; Berlin, Germany Bright Skeller; [email protected];…

Richard Terry, Anthony Maxwell, Edward Walpole, Frank Ibrahim, Michael Brown, Philip Woods; [email protected] Berezutzkaja, Angela Bradulova, Anzela Bradylova, Oksana Bradulova, Oksana Lunina, Tamara; [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] Falcone, Paul Hophen; [email protected]; Kentucky, United states, Bristol, England Cindy Kassala; [email protected], [email protected], Yulushka, Yulenka; [email protected], [email protected] Chris Baxter; France, Iraq Elena; [email protected]

In all reality a ladies chance of getting a Visa into the USA is about 1%.

The only way to bring your lady into the USA is by the Fiancée Visa and you will need to visit her in her own country to apply for this Visa.

All letters in this scam were from Sevastopol, Ukraine and the money sent was picked up at Western Union in Horodanka, Ukraine which is 300 miles away.

The Scammers are very patient and will lead you to think that they can apply for a Visa to visit you. The Scammers will write you for months and lour you to think they can visit you.

The Russian Scammers at these sites are on the dating Blacklist so beware.