Extra points if you have a healthy respect for privacy.

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You should have completed a full round of psychoanalysis first, and know your dark side well — I don’t want to be your therapist, and I’d rather you have thoroughly examined yourself before I dig up all your skeletons.

Tolerance for witnessing emotional extremes and black moods is a necessity. About Jeffrey Kishner Jeffrey Kishner is founder and publisher of Sasstrology.

Scorpio man seeks woman who can keep a secret, stay faithful.

Must have high sex drive, and must never ever look at another man (or woman, for that matter).

In the alley just prior to the rear-ending of the tail car the tail says "I can't see him, he must have got out and run" yet Cross' car's brake lights are clearly on, meaning somebody is in the car with their foot on the brake pedal.

See more » : There's a room just down the hall from Mc Leod's office where grown men play a game.

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During the Rif War in Morocco, the French Foreign Legion's outpost of Tarfa is threatened by Khalif Hussein's tribes but Sergeant Mike Kincaid devises a plan of survival until the arrival of French reinforcements.

One day, the CIA orders Scorpio to eliminate Cross -- and leaves him no choice but to obey.