Do you know why so many anime feature ear cleaning? Don't doctors here say it's potentially dam...― You know the overused comedy scene where a character sprints at full tilt toward a bus stop or train station, only to watch helplessly as their chosen form of transportation rolls away without them?That actually happened to me ...― Just one year after My Hero Academia's first season began, its sequel came barreling out the gate, offering a smorgasbord of new heroic adventures.

Here are screen shots of part of the smoke fight between Abby and Marcel in episode one.

Both from our web editor showing the scene as mark-up, and as a diagram to show how the branching paths work. If you notice the numbers are what we are using to jump from one part of the story to the next.

We really hope this makes the game even more fun too play and in some cases a bit more clear. Just a little :)BUT when the time comes that we actually start making episodes, we’ll definitely keep everyone posted.

We’re super excited to start this new journey with all of you!

In most respects, this is more of the same – more big set piece battles, more in...― A mountain of manga has arrived at an e Book store near you, thanks to Media Do International, Inc. MD-i is the US subsidiary of Media Do, the largest e Book distribution group in Japan that has close ties to e...― The biggest anime convention is coming to NYC!

10 Lucky Winners will each receive a Pair of Weekend Tickets to the very first Anime NYC Powered by Crunchyroll.Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed by the part...― In a way, Fate/Apocrypha is the quintessential Netflix show.Although the series was released in weekly installments on Netflix Japan (albeit a few days after the TV broadcast), I ended up watching it the old-fashioned Netflix...― The following is an exclusive excerpt from Kodansha Comics' Ghost in the Shell README: 1995-2017, featuring an expansive and remarkably candid roundtable interview with three men who have had an enormous personal...― Amy asked: This is a weird question. ) Is this a common Japanese cultural thing or does anime exaggerate it?The game was quickly announced to be an "oppai" roguelike dungeon game.They followed it up with an inverse countdown, also featuring breasts, where the announcement time increased if fans clicked on them.Welcome to Jinx Academy where every boy is hot hot hot and hints they would date you with pleasure!