The hotel is approx 3km from Mykonos Airport and 3km from Mykonos Port.

There is also Wi Fi, dry cleaning, car hire, safe deposit boxes and a hair dresser (all with local charges).

Please note: A new Accommodation Tax has recently been approved in Greece (mainland and Islands). Giannoulaki Village Hotel enjoys a quiet setting in Glastros on the west coast of Mykonos.

These efforts are partly driven by existing, as well as emerging policies at the national and international levels.

Member States (MS) of the European Union (EU) have, for instance, committed to collating knowledge on the distribution of species and habitats, and assessing their ecological status, as part of an ecosystem approach to marine management.

The collated occurrence data and derived distribution model outputs can help addressing the challenge of developing basin-wide spatial plans and to guide cost-effective future surveys and monitoring efforts towards areas that are presently poorly-sampled..

Such spatial information is also critical to decision-makers and managers, so that marine resources are sustainably exploited, and other human activities (e.g.

At best, absence records for non mobile species and benthic habitats are usually only available for a limited number of sites since the absence of a species or habitat is only ascertained when a given site has been systematically surveyed.

Mapping marine biodiversity remains operationally complicated and expensive, with the result that fine-scale knowledge of species and habitat distributions is unavailable for most marine areas assessed potential spatial priorities for the conservation of three Mediterranean habitats (Posidonia oceanica meadows, coralligenous formations, and marine caves) by considering their eco-regional representation, as well as the opportunity costs for fisheries and aquaculture.

seamount peaks, offshore rocky banks), and some deep coral communities.