Fertile land is still farmed and one can enjoy a varied landscape dominated with vast open valleys and scenic mountains. This territory would be subdivided by the British colonial administration in the 1790’s when surveying began. In historic times the Eastern Townships were inhabited by the Abenakis but Iroquois probably extended their territory as far as Cowansville.

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Men, women and children who were taken prisoner were brought back and integrated into the French colony.

In 1757, Fort William Henry on Lake George was attacked by the Natives and a massacre ensued.

A map of New York State dated 1779 calls the Missisquoi “Deep Still wr” (water) probably indicating a deep river with quiet waters.

It is far from the truth when one knows the rapids in Bolton and in Mansonville and the very shallow stretches during the summer months.

It was decided to include a section on the history of the Township from its beginning when King George III signed the Letters Patent on October 31, 1797.

This historical review covers events in Potton from 1797, with photographs providing a living testimony spanning a period from about 1890 to 1950.

The reading, research of names and places and events, both joy fid and occasionally tragic, has given me a much deeper appreciation of Potton.

There is still much to explore and to discover about our past and, in a work of this nature, may I ask the reader to overlook any inaccuracies or omissions.

This is an opportunity to bring forth not only dates, events and anecdotes, but to illustrate how the fabric of this society was woven by many people of different ethnic and religious origins who chose, as I have, to live in Potton for its surroundings of exceptional beauty.

For me, this look into the history of Potton was a most gratifying and moving experience.

The Association is especially grateful to Paul Rouillard for his enthusiasm and knowledge of the area.